The Dassanech Tribe
Omo Valley

The Dassanech is one of the many African cattle-herding tribes which live in the lower Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia. Their territory stretches to lake Turkana in the south, and to the Omo river in the west.

Land Cruiser on the way to Dassanech

We stopped there only for a short time, on our way to the Nyangatom, who live west of the Omo. Our attempt to learn about the life and culture of the Dassanech people didn't go very well. We visited two villages, but in both the men came and kicked us out after only about an hour. We are not sure why, because the women and children seemed to enjoy our presence, as well as being photographed. Also, photographing them means a little bit of extra money, because like everywhere else in the lower Omo Valley, I had to pay for pictures. When we tried to ask the men why they did not want us there, we got no answers ...

One possible cause, though, could have been that we arrived with a Hamer guide who spoke Dassanech, but did not think much of them. As a result they did not respect him. And so from the rough journey through the stunning landscape all we have is a few photos of very beautiful people, and many unanswered questions .....

Photogallery Dassanech


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Strange but true


Thanks to

We would like to thank our great driver from Arba Minch, who drove us everywhere, no matter how difficult the road, never complaining.