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Travel Pictures

This is not supposed to be my Best Of or anything like that. It's simply a selection of my photos which
I consider to be interesting, show something not so easy to see, tell a story, or are simply of personal importance.

Travel 01

Istanbul, Turkey

Travel 02

Kurdish nomads, Taurus, Turkey

Travel 03

Medusa head, Didyma, Turkey

Travel 04

Ararat, Doğubeyazıt, Turkey

Travel 05

Ishak Paşa Palace, Doğubeyazıt

Travel 06

Isfahan (صفهان), Iran

Travel 07

Persepolis (تخت جمشيد), Iran

Travel 08

Zahedan (زاهدان), Iran

Travel 09

In a mosque, Lahore, Pakistan

Travel 10

Sindh, Pakistan

Travel 11

Uch Sharif Thombs, Pakistan

Travel l2

Uch Sharif Town, Pakistan

Travel l3

Karachi, Pakistan

Travel 14

Karachi Beach at sunset

Travel 15

A begging girl, Pakistan

Travel 16

A prayer, Chinatown, Singapore

Travel 17

A prayer, Varanasi Ghats, India

Travel 18

This is Bibi Ka Maqbara ...

Travel 19

... not the real Taj Mahal

Travel 20

Calcutta, West Bengal, India

Travel 21

Varanasi and 'laundry' Ghat ...

Travel 22

... Ganga, laundry, Varanasi

Travel 23

Puri beach, Orissa, India

Travel 24

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Travel 25

Hampi, Karnataka, India

Travel 26

Funny advert, India

Travel 27

Temple offerings, Bali

Travel 28

Dancing Monk, Sikkim

Travel 29

A porter with 70kg load, Everest

Travel 31

Monks' Sacred Dance, Sikkim

Travel 30

Royal Chitwan NP, Nepal

Travel 32

Elephant at river, Royal Chitwan

Travel 34

Sunset on Mt. Everest (8848m)

Travel 33

Kanchenjunga (8585m)

Travel 35

Annapurna and Machapuchare

Travel 36

Kali Gandaki, Annapurna

Travel 37

Lake Tilicho (4919m)

Travel 38

Annapurna Base Camp (4130m)

Travel 39

Machapuchare (6993m)

Travel 40

On the way to Lhasa, Tibet

Travel 41

Northern view of Everest Range

Travel 42

Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet

Travel 43

Old town, Xigaze, Tibet

Travel 44

Prayer wheels, Lhasa, Tibet

Travel 45

Potala from the roof of Jokhang

Travel 46

Nomads' tents, high pass, Tibet

Travel 47

Wild Sichuan hwy, Eastern Tibet

Travel 48

Trash from Kupang ferry, Timor

Travel 49

Surfbreak, Hu'u, Sumbawa

Travel 50

Behind the Taj Mahal

Travel 51

Evening light in Bagan, Barma

Travel 52

A 'houseboat', North Sumatra

Travel 53

Komodo & Rinca NP, Indonesia

Travel 54

Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan

Travel 55

Mt. Bromo, East Java

Travel 56

Getting on or off the boat
is not always easy, Maluku

Travel 57

Borobudur, Java, Indonesia

Travel 58

Local market, Timor, Indonesia

Travel 59

Children playing in ...

Travel 60

... Langa-Langa lagoon ...

Travel 61

... on Malaita, Solomon Islands

Travel 62

Rainforest interior of Malaita

Travel 63

Happy kids in a 'jungle' village

Travel 64

Lagoon Langa-Langa is famous
for it's 'blond' chidren,
rare elsewhere in Melanesia,
Malaita, Solomon Islands

Travel 65

Amazing, rare, circular rainbow ...

Travel 66

... in Yali, Jayawijaya, Papua

Prague - Tasmania overland