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I photographed all the people on my pages as they were when I met them. I don't ask them to change to their traditional dress for me. The most important factor for me is to authentically record what remains of tribal cultures.

Here, I would also like to thank Phil Gaskell from Nottingham, for patiently correcting all my English texts on this website.


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The vanishing world of tribal people

Welcome to my pages. They are about ..... well ..... the vanishing world. I have created them to share what I have experienced, documented and photographed on my expeditions to sometimes very remote places.

Yali Village

My main focus is the last surviving indigenous tribal peoples. It is my view that these people represent an important and invaluable part of our world's cultural diversity and human heritage. In our aggressive modern world, with ever advancing globalization sweeping away everything in its path, they are often struggling to preserve their traditional ways of life.

Korowai warrior

There are various actual causes for this, but in the end it always boils down to the different shapes of western civilization's greed and arrogance. Be it governments' or large companies' 'hunger' for the forest, land or gold, or missionaries attempting to alter these unique cultures while (often recklessly) 'saving souls' in the name of their God (although, no doubt, with only the best intentions), or simply the pressure of growing populations.

Tribal people have great respect for and deep understanding of the ecosystem they live in. But once the forests are chopped down and the people 'modernised', it invariably ends with them living in slums, tucked somewhere away out of view.

Sri Lankan elephants

Also included are some of my wildlife stories and pictures. I have always been crazy about nature, photographing and studying wildlife for many years. Sadly, what I have seen in many places is how the last few remaining natural habitats are fast disappearing. Although protected as national parks, they are often completely cut off, surrounded by fields and people. And these fragile endangered habitats are vital for everything and everyone living.

Kampala, Uganda

Do we really have to destroy everything, just to see how bad it is without it? I sincerely hope not and I like to believe that there still are many people out there who do care. Together we might be able to change something. And that is why I am trying to create these pages.

A warm welcome and enjoy looking!

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